Bhutan is a developing nation that sits northeast of India and south of Tibet.  The country is in transition.  Its king and elected government are struggling to maintain the nation’s unique cultural identity  while acting affirmatively to modernize and improve the health and well being of its people.

In March 2009, I went to Bhutan on a photo adventure that turned out to be much more than pictures.  We arrived in Paro, in the west and traveled east crossing high Himalayan passes and traversing
great forests.  Along the way, we visited towns and rural villages; monasteries and temples.  We attended large and small religious festivals and participated in local gatherings and cultural programs.  We were immersed in the culture -- a culture of a genuinely kind, generous and friendly people.

From our first day, we learned about Buddhism and experienced the influence of Buddhism on its people.  Ultimately, we came to understand that Buddhism is in the very fiber of Bhutanese daily life.

I hope that my images give you a sense of this country and its people - the Himalayan Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan.



Winter 2009

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