In 2011, I had recently  joined the Thousand Oaks Photo Group, a local photography club.  Aside from the opportunity to have my images reviewed, the club sponsors local photography outings almost every month.

My first trip with the Photo Group in 2011 was to the Santa Barabara Natural History Museum.  Every few years, they have an outdoor butterfly exhibit in a large netted enclousure on the museum grounds.  The enclosure contains a myriad of plants and butterflies into which you can walk.  As long as you are careful about not stepping on the butterflies or touching them, the museum volunteers give you more than ample freedom to photograph.  When the exhibit is crowded one is limited to 15 minutes, but you can get back in line and reenter.

In the Spring of 2014, I returned with several photographer friends whom I have met throught my photo club.  One of the real pleasures of shooting with these friends is that we are out shooting for the fun of it, and while we are serious amatuers, we have a really good time.

And yes, I returned again for more fun in the Summer of 2016.


Butterflies - Santa Barbara Museum

Summer 2011, Spring 2014 & Summer 2016