Glacier National Park
Fall 2017

Glacier National Park is located in Montana, on the Canada–United States border. The park encompasses over 1 million acres  and includes parts of two mountain ranges, over 130 named lakes, more than 1,000 different species of plants, and hundreds of species of animals.

The region that became Glacier National Park was first inhabited by Native Americans. Upon the arrival of European explorers, it was dominated by the Blackfeet in the east and the Flathead in the western regions.

Glacier National Park borders Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada—the two parks are known as the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and were designated as the world's first International Peace Park in 1932. Both parks were designated by the United Nations as Biosphere Reserves in 1976, and in 1995 as World Heritage sites. In April 2017, the joint Park received a fourth designation with "provisional Gold Tier designation as Waterton-Glacier International Dark Sky Park through the International Dark Sky Association", the first transboundary dark sky park.

This was my first visit to Glacier NP.  We were confronted with a number of challenges as photographers.  It rained one day and snowed the next.  That said, the biggest challenge was smoke from wildfires.  We were in East Glacier.  Large section of West Glacier had been burning for more than a month and we were challenged by smoke.  Despite the challenges the trip was very successful.

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