Spring 2015

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In the Spring of 2015, I visited Ireland on another photo adventure.  This was a private trip trip organized for me and three friend by Strabo Tours, a photo travel company that I have used extensively.  The trip was centered in western rural Ireland in County Mayo.

County Mayo is bounded on the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean.  There is a distinct geological difference between the north and the south of the county. The north consists largely of poor subsoils and is covered with large areas of extensive Atlantic blanket bog, whereas the south is largely a limestone landscape. Agricultural land is therefore more productive in the south than in the north.  The river Moy in the northeast of the county is renowned for its salmon fishing.

Ireland's largest island, Achill Island, lies off Mayo's west coast.  The northwest areas of County Mayo have some of the best renewable energy resources in Europe, if not the world, in terms of wind resources, ocean wave, tidal and hydroelectric resources.

We stayed just outside of Westport and spent our days doing day trips to ruins, forests countryside and to the sea.  We also spent the better part of a day on Achill Island.

At the end of our trip, we spent four days in Dublin, the capital of Ireland.  There  we were more tourists than photographers.  That said, we were the guests of the Dublin Camera Club at one of their monthly meetings.  It was a truly fun experience.