The Maasai Mara National Reserve is a large game reserve in south-western Kenya, which is effectively the northern continuation of the Serengeti National Park game reserve in Tanzania. Named after the Maasai people and their description of
area when looked at from a viewpoint - "Mara", which is Maa (Maasai language) for spotted: an description for the circles of trees, scrub, savannah and cloud shadows that mark the area. It is famous for its wildlife and the annual migration of zebra & wildebeest from the Serengeti every year from July to October - a migration so immense it is called the Great Migration.

The Masai Mara National Reserve covers some 600 square miles in south-western Kenya.

the big five - Named by big game hunters in the 20th century, The “Big Five” were the hardest animals to hunt by foot in the Mara.  The big five include the lion, elephants, leopard, Cape Buffalo and the Black Rhinoceros.   Of these, the Black Rhino is endangered because of poaching and there are only 50 left in the Mara.  In the mara,  the black rhino is the only one of the big five that we did not see.  Although, I did see one in Nairobi, but that does not count!

Finally, of all the trips, this is the most difficult to describe.  Simply put, one must experience it to understand it.  If you can afford only one big trip, this is the one to take.  You will never forget it.



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MaAsai mara, kenya


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