Mongolia lies in north central asia between Russia and China.  Once known as “outer Mongolia” In 1990, it broke with the old Soviet Union and became an independent democracy.

Mongolia has about 2.7 million people, about 40% live a pastoral nomadic lifestyle.    Without doubt, this is a horse culture with the population leading a simple subsistence life.

Geographically, Mongolia is landlocked and about the size of Alaska.  The land is dry with grassy plains called “steppe.”  However,  densely forested mountains can also be found in the north.  The north also has Khovsgol Lake, a major tourist and vacation spot for Mongolians.

The central and southern parts of the country is dominated by the Gobi Desert which includes great sand dunes but mostly dry grassy semi-arid steppe.

Mongolians speak their own language and use the cyrillic (Russian) alphabet for written communication.  The predominant religion is Buddhism.  The men and women wear traditional dress called a “del” and the people are friendly and proud.  Mongolians are know for their folk music and hoomi (throat) singing that has to be heard.  


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