Morocco, in Northern Africa was my first international photo adventure for 2010.    While I could have written an introduction to this wonderful Muslim country, the trip brochure had a good one - so when in doubt, steal!

Morocco is a country full of fascinating extremes from its geography to its culture.  Located in North Africa, Morocco is home to a combinations of stunning coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean reaching past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea,
hot sands of the Sahara desert, green fertile valleys and the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains. also has some of the world’s most unique and vibrant city markets and interesting people due to the ancient history as a crossroads of African, European and Middle Eastern cultures.  (PQA)

Morocco has about 31 million people, of which about 40% are Berbers - the indigenous peoples who still speak their own language.  The official languages are Arabic and French.  Morocco has had a long history with France and was a French colony for most of the 20th century.  Today Morocco is independent from the French and is a constitutional monarchy.



spring 2010

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Public Call to Prayer

Fez, Morocco