The City of Los Angeles Deptartment of Recreation and Park’s Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve consists of two sections - north and south of Burbank Boulevard, located at the southeast end of the Sepulveda Flood Control Basin in the San Fernando Valley.

The development of the North Reserve began in 1988 with an 11-acre lake,an island and wildlife viewing stations east of Haskell Creek. In 1999 the Reserve was renovated and restrooms and an amphitheater were built in the more formal “park” area surrounded by lawns near the entrance and parking area.

What is most ironic about this reserve is its proximity to a major interstate highway.  Interstate 405 forms the east border of the reserve.  Despite its proximity, the topography is such that one can neither see nor hear the interstate, making it a peaceful location for wildlife.

My friend, Roy Allen, and I decided last Fall to do a series of trips to our local bird sanctuaries and water reclamation areas to photograph birds and water fowl.  This section contains my favorite images from our sunrise visits to the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve.


winter 2012 - 2017

sepulveda basin wildlife reserve

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